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Surgery remains the primary treatment in a number of malignancies. Apart from curative removal of the tumour where possible, surgical expertise is often required for diagnosis, follow-up and symptom palliation. Surgical services in TMC comprise a highly trained team of surgical oncologists, nurses and ancillary staff. The surgical teams aspire to work with the mission of offering high quality evidence-based surgical services. To attain this, and to develop focused centers of excellence, teams will be site-specific. Such organ-centric surgical care helps foster expertise in intricacies of cancer surgery and reconstruction. TMC will also pursue a multidisciplinary approach, wherein clinicians across all specialities will participate in formulating investigative and therapeutic strategies for each patient. Such a holistic approach helps neutralise the instinctive bias that clinicians often possess about the relative superiority of their discipline, be it a surgeon, medical oncologist or a radiation oncologist.

TMC boasts of an integrated surgical suite comprising of 8 general operation theatres, 1 operation theatre for delivery of brachytherapy and a state-of-the-art CSSD. To facilitate high-volume complex cancer surgery and optimise ambient atmosphere, each theatre is fitted with equipment meeting contemporary standards. All the theatres have HEPA filters, which remove practically all traces of microbes in the air, thereby improving levels of asepsis. Facilities are available for minimal access surgery, laser surgery, micro-vascular reconstructions and day-care procedures like biopsies and endoscopic interventions.

Patient care will be further augmented by a Fellowship programme, which will attract talented trainees, who will be supervised by a team of full-time Consultants.

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