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The Out Patient Department (OPD) in Tata Medical Center aims to provide a comprehensive set of services for patient evaluation and treatment.
·    Specialist Consultations – Patients and their family members can meet doctors for diagnosis, treatment decisions and follow-up. Apart from oncology doctors, cancer patients can access services of other specialists in medicine, dentists, psychologists, counselors and social workers for a patient’s other medical and psychosocial needs.

·    Laboratory Services – An entire range of laboratory are available, including several molecular and genetic tests. There will be special sample collection booths for patient convenience.

·    Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine – All types of X-rays, USG, CT and MRI scans are available. Modern nuclear imaging modalities like a 64 slice CT-PET, a SPECT scanner further aid in diagnosis and staging.

·    Daycare Surgery and Endoscopy – Many small surgical procedures are performed on an outpatient basis without the need for admission and stay.  These include biopsies, stent placements, minimal access surgeries and some laser procedures. A state-of-the-art endoscopy suite aid in diagnosis as well as endoscopic treatment procedures.

·    Radiation Therapy – Daily radiation treatments on high-precision equipment are delivered on an outpatient basis.

·    Daycare Chemotherapy – Many types of chemotherapy and other injections or transfusions are delivered in a modern and well-equipped daycare. Special clinics will handle care of catheters for chemotherapy infusions.

·    Rehabilitation Services – Special clinics on physiotherapy and occupational therapy, speech and swallowing therapy, stoma and catheter care are a part of the wide array of outpatient services.

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